The mission of the foundation is to promote the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the life and work of William Shakespeare and to stimulate, encourage and spread information about his life and work in our society so that this and future generations of Argentines may enjoy, interpret and appreciate better this icon of universal culture.


The FSA aims to spread and encourage the study of the works of William Shakespeare through the interaction of academics, dramatists, artists and enthusiasts, creating a forum for national interchange with international projection.

We believe that the work of William Shakespeare feeds the spirit and enriches us as humans and as citizens.

We would like to give greater access to the poetry and beauty of the works of William Shakespeare and encourage reflection on those works as a contribution to the cultural enrichment of the Republic of Argentina.


We believe in tolerance and intellectual honesty, in a society which is open, free and inclusive of all opinions and interpretations of Shakespeare’s works.

We trust in generosity and solidarity as essential principles for the development of a more just society.

We see education as fundamental to democracy and art as a tool for the improvement of our human condition.

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