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The Fundación Shakespeare Argentina, the first of its kind in Argentina, seeks to stimulate, encourage and spread information about Shakespeare in our society so that this and future generations in Argentina may enjoy, interpret, and better appreciate this icon of universal culture. We rely on the generosity of families, corporations, and individuals to maintain this website and continue to organize and promote activities to support and encourage Shakespeare research and performance in the Republic of Argentina. Support the FSA today and ensure that our vital institution continues to provide a forum for the exploration of Shakespeare in Argentina and is able to forge international relationships to celebrate this beacon of universal culture for years to come.

If your business would like to collaborate or sponsor one of our activities, please contact us by sending an email to

If you would like to make a donation to the FSA, you can do so through the following options:



You can support us online with either a one-time donation or a monthly contribution of your choosing through this secure portal. Simply click the logo to donate.



You could also make a contribution through the internet or Banelco (the national web of ATMS) tellers if you use one of the following banks, CitiBank, Banco Colombia, Banco Comafi,  BBVA Francés, Galicia, HSBC, Itaú, Macro, BancoPatagonia, Santander Río, Supervielle, ICBC, Banco Tucumán, Efectivo Si, Banco del Sol, or Banco Republica.

Internet: Go to or select the option “Pago de Servicio” (Service Payment) on the Home Banking page of your online banking site. Select “Donation” and the Fund Shakespeare Argentina as the business. Enter the Tax ID Number (“CUIT”) 30-71198565-0. Then, select the account and confirm the transfer. Finally, save the receipt on your computer or print it for your records.

ATMs: Enter your pin and select the menu option “pagomiscuentas.” Select “Donations” and the Fund Shakespeare Argentina as the business. Enter the Tax ID Number (“CUIT”) 30-71198565-0. Confirm the transfer payment. Please request and save the receipt for your records.

When you have made your contribution, please email us a receipt at

Ver instructivo Pagomiscuentas (Read the Pagomiscuentas manual)


Go to, and click on “Visa HOME” and select your card. Go to “Servicio de Pagos Visa” (Visa Service Payments) and select “Pagar-Impuestos y Servicios” (Pay-Taxes and Services). The FSA’s identification number is 1051076.

Please email us the receipt of your contribution at

Ver Instructivo VISA (See the Visa manual)

Bank Deposit or Wire Transfer

Our bank information is as follows:

Bank: Banco Ciudad
Account name: Fundación Cultural William Shakespeare para la difusión de su vida y obra en la República Argentina
Account Type: Checking account (in Argentine Pesos)
Account Number: 000000170000034265

Bank Account ID Number (“CBU”): 0290017900000000342650

Tax ID Number (“CUIT”): 30-71198565-0

When you have made your contribution, please send us the receipt at

If you would like to know more about donating in Argentina, we suggest that you read the following guide: AEDROS – Guía para realizar donaciones

Your donation may be tax deductible.

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