Fundación Shakespeare Argentina is pleased to announce the new book ¡MI REINO POR UN CABALLO! ANTOLOGÍA DE CITAS DE WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE edited by Dr. Angel Luis Pujante, -member of our International Advisory Board- that has been published recently in Spain.

Synopsis of the book “Mi reino por un caballo: Antología de citas de William Shakespeare (in English: My Kingdom for a Horse! William Shakespeare´s Quotes Anthology):

Ángel-Luis Pujante, Spanish translator and scholar, offers a valuable selection of Shakespeare’s quotes. In this edition, the title of the work is added to each quote, and the act and scene from which it comes, as well as the name of the speaking character and, when appropriate or necessary, also a brief contextual note. With more than 400 short quotes, and 32 selected passages, the total number of Shakespeare quotes collected here is higher than those collected in the few anthologies published so far in Spain.

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