In 2016, we celebrate  the 400th anniversary of the legacy of William Shakespeare. Commemorating this important date, the Fundación Shakespeare Argentina (FSA) facilitates celebrations of Shakespeare all throughout the country, and invites cultural institutions, educational establishments, libraries, teachers, professors, students, and Shakespeare enthusiasts to add to and celebrate Shakespeare’s legacy with our institution.

These aforementioned events with the FSA will be publicized on our website, social media pages, and through our partner organizations to share a part of the great universal homage that will take place all over the world throughout 2016.

Below, we include the letter of the President of the Shakespeare Theater Association (STA) asking for the declaration of April 23 as the International Day of Shakespeare, in which she mentions our very own FSA. We are proud and thankful to be included among the other prestigious institutions in this important initiative.

Add to the FSA’s Shakespeare 400 Campaign!

We believe that the best homage that we could hope to perform for the poet and playwright is to come to understand and enjoy his work.

Therefore, we invite you to explore the incredible and important, educational, and free resources on our website (texts, articles, videos, photos, and links) in order to find inspiration.

We remember the marvelous quote by Jorge Luis Borges:

“All men who repeat a line from Shakespeare, are William Shakespeare”

You have the opportunity to become Shakespeare!

Some suggestions:

Read a poem, recite a sonnet or a monologue, or perform a scene.

You could film a video of the activity and share your homage!

Below, we are sharing the video of the incredibly talented Egytian actress and writer, Samira Kirollos.

Add your own video and we can celebrate together!

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