COMO LES GUSTE (As You Like It) 2015

Performed every Tuesday at Teatro La Comedia from June 16th to Nov 3rd 2015.

FSA’s Theatre Co. Presentation with the Re-opening of Como Les Guste

FSA Theatre Co.’s launch took place at the the 41st. Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2015

FSA’s Theater Company Genesis

The performance was considered among the Best Theatre Proposals in 2014 by the Critics of La Nación Newspaper: Pablo Gorlero & Moira Soto


  • Declared “Of Cultural Interest” by the House of Representatives of the Buenos Aires City Council
  • Nominated for Best Comedy ACE Awards 2014/15 (Asociación Cronistas del Espectáculo)
  • 2014 Best Stage Director (Florencio Sánchez Awards)
  • Nominated for Best Direction in Comedy ACE Awards 2014/2015.
  • 2014 Best Supporting Actress (Luisa Vehil Awards)
  • Nominated for Best Leading Actress in Comedy ACE Awards 2014/2015
  • Best Leading Actress 2014 Florencio Sánchez Awards
  • Best Leading Actress 2014 María Guerrero Awards


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