We share and appreciate the warm message of congratulations for the tenth anniversary of the Fundación Shakespeare Argentina, sent by Alejandro Samek, Director of Andamio 90.


Buenos Aires, May 26, 2021

Dear Fundación Shakespeare Argentina,

We were very happy in the occasions that we shared our students with the FSA.

The high level of the workshops delivered by Yolanda Vazquez, enriched the training of the students, both in the field of theory and in that of scenic practice.

We have also found friends with the FSA Directors with whom we would always like to continue working.

We congratulate them for the continuous and systematic work they have done and will continue to do, without fanfare, overcoming the difficulties along the way with great effort. I hug them from a distance.

Alexander Samek

ANDAMIO 90 Director



Andamio 90 is an icon of the Independent Theatre in the City of Buenos Aires and one of the best Dramatic Art Schools in our country, where talented actors and directors of the national stage are trained.

High Education in Theater: The College of Performing Arts & Communication is a public institution privately managed in the City of Buenos Aires. It promotes academic, humanistic and scientific training as well as research and teaching in all the fields of theatre. Theatre Teacher  Diploma  Official Degree allow graduates to teach Performing Arts at any drama course, school and level of education.

Its founder, Alejandra Boero, dedicated for more than fifty years to the training of actors within the framework of non-formal education, created Andamio 90 in 1999 together with her son and current Dean Alejandro Samek in order to deepen the ethical, moral and solidarity training of professionals for their development in the theatrical and teaching fields.

See more on their website: https://andamio90.org/quienes-somos/


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