On April 23 2021 we have celebrated Shakespeare’s Birthday together with friends and followers.

Homage contributions were received from Casilda, Santa Fé; Córdoba; San Miguel & Pilar, Santiago de Chile and  City of Buenos Aires.

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Friends and followers shared their video clips celebrating Shakespeare!

Drama teacher Paula Cantone and her students Sofía Leguizamón – Julieta Lugones – Lautaro Pagano – Valentina Araya – Facundo Sarco – Oriana y Brisa from the Taller de Teatro del Centro Cultural Raíces (de San Miguel, Provincia de Buenos Aires) (Fragment of Romeo & Juliet)

Alfredo Padilla, Actor and Director (Fragment from Hamlet)

Andrés Rivarola, Actor and Director (Fragment from Hamlet)

Cecilia Cataldi Actress and Drama teacher (Fragment from Hamlet)

Diego Cosin Actor and Director (Sonnet 138)

Gustavo D’ Orazio, Journalist  (Fragment of Romeo & Juliet)

Group of Teatro El Convento and his Director Martín Barreiro (Sonnet XVIII)

María Pía Rizzotti, enthusiastic (Fragment A Midsummer´s Night Dream)

Patricia Alonso, painter (Fragment from Romeo & Juliet)

Solange Roca, enthusiastic (Fragment from Hamlet)

Darío Paolucci, Agustina de Angelis, Paula Danieli from Group La Luna directed by José Alvarez from Casilda, Provincia de Santa Fe ( Sonnets and Fragment of Richard III)

Rocío Barberán, actress  (Sonnet 43, in English)

Alejandra Venegas and Valentina Barrios , directed by María José Moya (Henry VI Part 1) from Santiago de Chile.

Pedro Peterson, actor (Sonnet 23)

Director Rubén Pires shared his experience on  Shakespeare and talked about his works:

Ricardo II 1992

El romance del Romeo y la Julieta de 2002

Los sueños de Shakespeare de 2006

Hamlet, el señor de los cielos 2011

You can watch them freely on his YouTube acount.


Group SoniArte & Cia, directed by Sonia Sidoti: (La Locura de Ofelia)


Friends and followers also shared pictures and poems on our social networks:

Bruno Theilig Poem Shakespeare from whrilwind

Ana Marcela Loiogio Poem Good Will Hunting

Aleph language School Image of Shakespeare

Pedro G Paglia share a video on youtube

Old Fashion Bar Picture Aguante Shakespeare

Patricia Alonso Cubo inspired on Romeo & Juliet

Lucía Maidana Shakespeare´s Portrait

Valentina Araya – student shared a beautiful drawing of Romeo and Juliet

Paula Elena Danieli Paintings of Desdemona, Ofelia, Romeo & Juliet and Titania

Carla Solari Picture of Día del Libro

Paula Iranzo Sonnet 78 (shared on Instagram)

Students Agustina and Mai Olivera and Mathilda Cataldo shared beautiful images

See more:



Our gratitude to the British Embassy in Argentina for share our campaign on their social networks


We thank and congratulate everyone for these wonderful tributes shared with us!

Happy and proud to receive this message:

Congratulations to you for such an interesting call, in this difficult context, it was really very positive for my group to be able to connect with something creative and so significant, we loved it. Made the kids and their families happy, and of course made me happy too.”

Paula Cantone, Drama teacher from Centro Cultural Raíces de San Miguel, Province of Buenos Aires.



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