We share and appreciate the warm message of greetings and congratulations -for the tenth anniversary of our institution-, from the Shakespeare Theatre Association (STA) sent by its President Sarah Enloe,who is also Director of Education at the American Shakespeare Center (ASC).


Staunton, Virginia, May 24 2021

Dear Fundación Shakespeare Argentina,

The passion Carlos and Mercedes share in the promotion of understanding and appreciation of William Shakespeare’s canon in Argentina for the last decade has taken them far and wide and brought much joy and new friendships both at home and internationally .

The Shakespeare Theatre Association would not be the same without the cheer they have brought since becoming members. Moreover, as they have fostered relationships with significant Shakespeare scholars and artists, they bring attention to Argentina which reflects their vision: that studying Shakespeare’s plays feeds the spirit and enriches all humans as citizens of the world. Something we deeply need in 2021.

At each STA convening, I look forward to seeing our Argentenian representatives, and to hearing what they are doing to enliven the reception of Shakespeare in their home country. I am grateful to them for encouraging artists and other members of STA by spreading the word and by making time to visit so many of our playhouses.

Their engagement of fellow members on their advisory board demonstrates their deep desire to learn from others and to connect with a wide audience of experts and practitioners. As they move into the next decade, I fondly recall the wonderful events they have sustained in the last 10 years–including the wonderful Cervantes and Shakespeare they brought to our Blackfriars Conference– and look forward to all that they will do in the next decade.

Many warm congratulations on the 10th anniversary Fundacion Shakespeare Argentina!


Sarah Enloe

Shakespeare Theatre Association – President

American Shakespeare Center -Director of Education


See letter: FundacionShakespeareArgentina10




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