FSA is delighted to let you know about Dr. Ángel Luis Pujante (member of our International Advisory Board) & Prof. Keith Gregor recently published new book Romeo y Julieta en España, Las versions neoclásicas. (Murcia y Madrid: Ed. UM y Ediciones Complutense), 2017. 273p.

This extraordinary volume collects for the first time ever, the Spanish Neoclassic Romeo and Julieta versions, adaptations and/or translations produced in Spain between 1803 – 1817 based on the originals written for stage in the XVIII Century. The first Romeo & Juliet was printed as Julia y Romeo in 1803. The second known version was titled Romeo y Julieta and published in 1817. The third, date unknown, is the script of the Opera Julieta y Romeo.

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