Fundación Shakespeare Argentina (FSA) is proud and happy to congratulate the Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) on its 50th anniversary.

The Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) is a non profit professional organization for the advanced academic study of William Shakespeare´s plays and poems, his cultural and theatrical contexts, and the many roles these have played in world culture.

The Directors Mercedes de la Torre and Carlos Drocchi have sent a short message of congratulation to their dear friends of SAA.

Watch the video Celebrating the Shakespeare Association of America’s 50th Anniversary

Congratulations from global sibling associations and past SAA presidents: 

European Shakespeare Research Association

Polskie Towarzystwo Szekspirowskie

Société Française Shakespeare

Italian Association of Shakespeare and Early Modern Studies

Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa

Asian Shakespeare Association

Shakespeare Society of India

Shakespeare Association of China

Shakespeare Association of Korea

Shakespeare Society of Japan

Taiwan Shakespeare Association

Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association

Fundacion Shakespeare Argentina 


SAA Past Presidents:

Peter Holland (SAA President 2007-2008)

Bruce Smith (SAA President 1994-1995)

James C. Bulman (SAA President 1998-1999)

Jean Howard (SAA President 1999-2000)

Susanne L. Wofford (SAA President 2002-2003)

Gail Kern Paster (SAA President 2003-2004)

Coppélia Kahn (SAA President 2008-2009)

Coppélia Kahn (SAA President 2009-2010)

Suzanne Gossett (SAA President 2011-2012)

Dympna C. Callaghan (SAA President 2012-2013)

Heather James (SAA President 2016-2017)

Ayanna Thompson (SAA President 2018-2019)


Happy 50th Anniversary Shakespeare Association of America!


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