We are glad to announce the new book “Onscreen Allusions to Shakespeare: International Films, Television and Theatre” edited by Dr. Alexa Alice Joubin, member of our International Advisory Board, and Victoria Blanden.

About this book

Allusions to Shakespeare haunt our contemporary culture in a myriad of ways, whether through brief references or sustained intertextual engagements. Shakespeare’s plays and motifs have been appropriated in fragmentary forms onstage and onscreen since motion pictures were invented in 1893. This collection of essays extends beyond a US-UK axis to bring together an international group of scholars to explore Shakespearean appropriations in unexpected contexts in lesser-known films and television shows in India, Brazil, Russia, France, Australia, South Africa, East-Central Europe and Italy, with reference to some filmed stage works.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Onscreen Allusions to Shakespeare by Alexa Alice Joubin and Victoria Bladen

The Boundaries of Citation: Shakespeare in Davide Ferrario’s Tutta colpa di Giuda (2008), Alfredo Peyretti’s Moana (2009), and Connie Macatuno’s Rome and Juliet (2006) by Maurizio Calbi

Antipodean Shakespeares: Appropriating Shakespeare in Australian Film by Victoria Bladen

Othello Surfing: Fragments of Shakespeare in South Africa by Chris Thurman

Shakespeare in Bits and Bites in Indian Cinema by Poonam Trivedi

What “Doth Grace for Grace and Love for Love Allow”? Recreations of the Balcony Scenes on Brazilian Screens by Aimara da Cunha Resende

“Mon Petit Doigt M’a Dit …”: Referencing Shakespeare or Agatha Christie? by Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in Federico Fellini’s Roma by Mariacristina Cavecchi

“Still Our Contemporary” in East-Central Europe? Post-Socialist Shakespearean Allusions and Frameworks of Reference by Márta Minier

Soviet and Post-Soviet References to Hamlet on Film and Television by Boris N. Gaydin, Nikolay V. Zakharov

Afterword by Mark Thornton Burnett


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Alexa Alice Joubin is founding Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Institute and Professor of English, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Theatre, East Asian Languages and Literatures, and International Affairs at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., USA. Her latest book is Shakespeare and East Asia (2021).

Victoria Bladen teaches literary studies and adaptation at the University of Queensland, Australia. Her latest book is The Tree of Life and Arboreal Aesthetics in Early Modern Literature (2021).

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