We share and appreciate the warm message of congratulations for the tenth anniversary of our Fundación Shakespeare Argentina from Professor Patricia Meehan, Secretary of Extension and International Relations of Facultad de Lenguas at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

 Córdoba, May 23, 2021

Dear Fundación Shakespeare Argentina,

Since I was a girl Shakespeare was talked about at home. My mother, Ethel Lariguet de Meehan, in addition to studying him for her classes at university, loved him with a passion. That same passion for the bard I only saw once; in Mercedes and Carlos.

If William Shakespeare is alive in Argentina, it is largely thanks to them. I remember when they visited the School of Languages back in 2013 with the professors of the World Shakespeare Project. The Foundation was barely two years old but it was already shaping its great future.

Today it celebrates a decade of solid and fruitful growth.

Happy Birthday, FSA!

Mgtr. Patricia V. Meehan

                                              Secretaria de Extensión y Relaciones Internacionales

                                              Facultad de Lenguas

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC)


See letter: Salutación FSA : UNC




Patricia V. Meehan is a teacher of English from the Facultad de Lenguas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. She holds an MA in English Applied Linguistics (Facultad de Lenguas UNC). She’s a permanent Full Professor in the Chair of Contrastive Grammar and English Grammar Practice. Currently she is Secretary of Community, Engagement and International Affairs at Facultad de Lenguas, UNC.


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