On Tuesday May 9th 16:30 hs FSA participated at the Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires 2017. (Buenos Aires International Book Fair).

The Directors of FSA, Mercedes de la Torre and Carlos Drocchi and translator Eugenio Polisky launched the book Two Illustrious Lunatics or The Universal Divergence (a short play written by the great Argentine poet Leopoldo Lugones in 1909). The book is an initiative of Fundación Shakespeare Argentina (FSA) to commemorate 400 years of the legacy of Shakespeare and Cervantes together.

The book “Two Illustrious Lunatics or The Universal Divergence”, is a short play where Lugones imagines a fabulous encounter of Prince Hamlet & Don Quixote at a train station in the beginning of the twentieth century. The special edition of FSA is bilingual (spa-eng) translated by Eugenio Polisky, and with colourful illustrations by the famous Argentine artist “Rep”


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