Let´s Celebrate Shakespeare´s Birthday together once again!

We invite teachers, scholars, students and enthusiasts to celebrate and pay homage to Shakespeare on April 23th when we commemorate a new anniversary of his birth.

We believe that the best homage to Shakespeare is to read, to play with and to perform his works.

Some suggestions:

Recite a sonnet or a monologue, or perform a scene alone or with your friends. Record it with your smartphone, tablet or computer on photo or video mode, share it with your group and with us too.

You may also illustrate any of your favorite characters or scenes and share with us your artwork.

Remind you the marvelous quote by Jorge Luis Borges:

“All men who repeat a line from Shakespeare, are William Shakespeare”

Share your homage on our social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) or send your photos and videos to our mail address info@shakespeareargentina.org

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