We share and appreciate the warm and affectionate message of congratulations from Dr. Pedro Luis Barcia (Former President of Academia Argentina de Letras and Academia Nacional de Educación) to our President, Mercedes de la Torre, celebrating 10 years of our institution.


La Plata, May 12, 2021

Dear Mercedes,

Congratulations on this fruitful decade of effort and achievement.

It is clear that behind a successful Foundation there is always a spirited woman.

I wish you many decades of growing projection.

A respectful and affectionate “berceano inclin”,

Pedro Luis Barcia


Note from the FSA: The praising expression “enclin berceano” that Dr. Barcia uses comes from Gonzalo de Berceo, (Berceo, La Rioja, (1195, -1253 / 1260?), First Medieval Poet in the Spanish Language:

In his “Miracles of Our Lady”, he says that in front of respectable images, he makes an inclin, a bow of the head, in homage. See more about Gonzalo de Berceo on the following link to Cervantes virtual Website: http://www.cervantesvirtual.com/portales/gonzalo_de_berceo/


Brief Bio of Dr. Pedro Luis Barcia:

Doctor from National University of La Plata. Corresponding Member of the Royal Spanish Academy, of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language; of the National Academy of Letters of Uruguay and from the Dominican Academy of Language.

He was President of the Academia Argentina de Letras (2001-2013) and President of Academia Nacional de Educación (2011-2016).

Doctor Honoris Causa from the Ricardo Palma Universities, Lima, Peru; National University of Tucumán, University of Salta, University of Concepción del Uruguay and University of Morón.

Emeritus Professor of the Austral University.

Honorary Professor at the University of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Founder and Director of the Institute of Americanist Studies “Julián Cáceres Freyre”, of the Austral University; Director of the Doctorate in Communication Sciences, Faculty of Communication of the U.A. Holder of “Contemporary Cultural Contents” (undergraduate) and Postgraduate courses (doctorate and master’s degrees) at the Austral University.

Professor of the Master’s Degree in High Specialization in Hispanic Philology, CSIC, Spain, since 2004;

Professor of the Master’s Degree in Hispanic Lexicography, RAE-Fundación Carolina, Spain, since 2007.

Director of the Diploma in Argentine Culture of the Institute of Culture (CUDES) See more: https://institutodecultura.cudes.org.ar/el-instituto/


His wonderful book “Shakespeare in Argentina” has been available on our website since 2012 thanks to the generosity of Dr Barcia.

The aforementioned book, which is out of print, is an extraordinary source for researchers and for those interested in the history of Shakespeare in Argentina. It was written by Dr. Barcia as a contribution to the IV Centenary of the birth of William Shakespeare in 1964 and published in 1966 by the Institute of Foreign Literatures of the University of La Plata belonging to the Department of Letters of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences of the Education of said university. The book offers a vision of the reception given to the great English playwright and poet in Argentina.

You can read and consult Dr. Barcia’s book on the following link:


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