On April 27th, FSA hosted their institutional event.

Carlos Drocchi and Mercedes de la Torre presented the activities of FSA and announced the new Project: the creation of FSA Repertoire Theatre Company.

Maia Francia was invited to share her experience playing Rosalind in As You Like it, winner of Florencio Sánchez and María Guerrero Awards for Best Actress in that Leading Role.

She spoke about the importance of the classics for an actor. She also took questions from the auditorium, regarding how enriching the experience has been for her personally, as a young actress, and the things that Rosalind can tell us about our contemporary lives.

Finally, Eugenio Polisky was also present and commented on two of the FSA events from 2014.


See link: http://programa.el-libro.org.ar/internacional/buscar.php?dia=27-04-2015&ciclo=0&acto=0&texto=Fundación+Shakespeare+Argentina&uid=a326cfef5b9000dace823bffb63c99d0

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