Fundación Shakespeare Argentina visited Mercedes´s Prison, the oldest jail in the State of Buenos Aires (130 Km away from Buenos Aires city) where the group “Renacer” (Rebirth), at ‘Penal 5’  decided to play Shakespeare for the first time, encouraged by watching Taviani’s movie “Caesar must die”.

It was very rewarding to speak to each of its members (cast & crew) and to prison guards and authorities.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and responsibility in order to support them by all means. Starting by showing what they can achieve with their “good parts” as they say, making society aware of this and spreading it across the “Criminal Justice System”.

An article on our visit has already been posted on the Penitentiary webpage as well as in the local Newspaper:

See links:

Watch the clip and the interviews with Prison´s Warden Alfredo Cersósimo and Artistic Director Gabriela Lorusso.

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