Presentación of the FSA in the X Feria del Libro Teatral 2012 at Teatro Nacional Cervantes

On August 2nd 2012 at X Buenos Aires Theatre Book Fair at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes, FSA held a very well-received dramatised reading of a play called “De la materia de los Sueños. Sobre Shakeapeare y sus obras” (“Stuff as dreams are made on”- On Shakespeare and his works.”), by Alberto Wainer (author) directed by Jorge Azurmendi.

The play threads different scenes from Shakespeare´s Richard III, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet & Otelo read by the well renowned actors of the Argentine stage: (in alphabetical order) Maricel Álvarez, Thelma Biral, Luis Brandoni, Patricio Contreras, Daniel Fanego, Claudio Gallardou, Daniel Miglioranza, Florencia Otero, Rita Terranova and Fabián Vena. The cast was completed with the music ensamble “Antires” (Baroque-Renaissance) formed by Gabriela Bogo (Vocal), Natacha Cabezas (Archilute), Sebastián Strauchler (Lute) & with Mike Zubi as invited singer. The melodies enriched the reciting of such fine texts, creating with great harmony the right atmosphere at a full house “Orestes Caviglia” Hall.

Dramaturgy Alberto Wainer
Direction Jorge Azurmendi

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