Felices de compartir este artículo sobre la Fundación Shakespeare Argentina en la plataforma digital The Shakespeare Standard publicado en 2014

Mercedes de la Torre, President of Fundación Shakespeare Argentina, shares information about Fundación Shakespeare Argentina and its website for readers of The Shakespeare Standard. 

Fundación Shakespeare Argentina is a non-profit cultural organisation dedicated to increasing and deepening the knowledge, enjoyment, appreciation and spreading of the life and works of William Shakespeare in the Republic of Argentina.
Important educational resources on Shakespeare are available on FSA website, together with wonderful texts written by renowned Argentine and international authors, such as: Miguel Cané, Paul Groussac, Jorge Luis Borges, Rafael Squirru, Jorge Dubatti, Laura Cerrato, Pablo Ingberg, Ángel Luis Pujante, Alexa Huang, Harold Bloom, among other prestigious specialists.
Additionally, the website includes a large archive of photographs and videos of Argentine productions of Shakespeare plays staged in national and independent theatres. There can also be found a number of writtings regarding the history of Shakespeare in Argentina, and Argentine editions and translations of and about his work (in Spanish). For example, the digitised book Shakespeare en la Argentina, by Dr. Pedro Luis Barcia, former president of the Academia Argentina de Letras, is available on FSA website for all the visitors to enjoy, thanks to Dr. Barcia’s generosity.
The website also provides links to the most important Shakespeare institutions, where other wonderful eduational resources can be found. Such is the case of the online course Getting To Know Shakespeare, published by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. The section named “Breathing Shakespeare” is dedicated to Argentine artist Juan Carlos Liberti’s  shakespearian work (the FSA has contributed to the spread of such work, which nowadays is a reason for pride and joy amongst our shakespearian community.
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